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The limited free version has full searching capabilities but no access to over 50 advanced analyses, no semantic search, no reports, limited exports, no imports, no alerts, no citation explorer and watermarked images.
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One-click analyses Lets you easily perform analyses on your patent pool in no time.
Copy reports Copy complete reports with one click to create a next iteration in your search process.
Fast Support Whenever you have a problem or an issue we try to respond within one working day.
Data export Export a presentation-ready PowerPoint or use the Excel export option to access the raw data.
Tooltips Several tooltips are included to help you get more information about a patent.
Weekly updated Our patent databases are updated on a weekly basis so you always get the latest patents.
Email alerts Receive updates of your searches on a weekly or monthly interval each time new patents are added to the database
Custom template Create your own Powerpoint template to suit your company's branding.
99.9% uptime Due to the advent of cloud-based storage solutions, the data is backed up daily in different countries reducing the risk of data-loss.
Share with everyone Decide who you want to share a report with, even with users that don't have a subscription.
Explore Explore citations in a tree view or on a time line.
Private and secure All data is sent and received over an encrypted SSL connection. Any searches or analyses you perform are also strictly confidential.