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    Quick Introduction

    Quick introduction on how to use PatentInspiration.
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    Roller Skate

    Demo on the functionality of PatentInspiration.
  • Solar Panels Thumbnail

    Solar Panels

    Short case study on solar panels.
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    Distilling innovation data from patents.
  • Cosmetic Cream Thumbnail

    Cosmetic Cream

    Short case study on cosmetic cream.
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One-click analyses Lets you easily perform analyses on your patent pool in no time.
Copy reports Copy complete reports with one click to create a next iteration in your search process.
Fast Support Whenever you have a problem or an issue we try to respond within one working day.
Data export Export a presentation-ready PowerPoint or use the Excel export option to access the raw data.
Tooltips Several tooltips are included to help you get more information about a patent.
Weekly updated Our patent databases are updated on a weekly basis so you always get the latest patents.
Email alerts Receive updates of your searches on a weekly or monthly interval each time new patents are added to the database
Custom template Create your own Powerpoint template to suit your company's branding.
99.9% uptime Due to the advent of cloud-based storage solutions, the data is backed up daily in different countries reducing the risk of data-loss.
Share with everyone Decide who you want to share a report with, even with users that don't have a subscription.
Explore Explore citations in a tree view or on a time line.
Private and secure All data is sent and received over an encrypted SSL connection. Any searches or analyses you perform are also strictly confidential.