Advanced Patent Analytics

PatentInspiration offers a quick and easy way to analyze text, yield information on trends and technology across industries and domain.

One-click analyses Let you easily perform analyses on your patent pool in no time.
Data export Export a presentation-ready PowerPoint or use the Excel export option to access the raw data.

Some unique analyses

Beside the standard analyses (e.g. activity, applicant, inventor) PatentInspiration has some unique analyses like Evolution Potential and Combination analysis to get new insights in a particular domain or to explore other domains. Explore them all in our demo report.

Interactive and dynamic visualizations

All our visualizations are completely interactive. This means that with one simple click you can see the related patents. It is also possible to change the type of the visualization and the number of items that are shown.

Patent text mining

With our advanced text analysis, it is easy to extract properties, problems and components from your patent pool. It is also possible to search on own defined patterns with the text pattern analysis.